Lights Across The Web Day, Aprilcot 14, 41 A.B.


Right now
all over the Internet
countless online journals 
are being neglected and abused.

Some are being abandoned by their creators.
Some are being mercilessly scoffed at and heaped with scorn
by strangers from all over the world with nothing better to do with their time.

And some are just left to wither and die
after being placed in the care of a
criminally unreliable host....

In support of all these journals
unable to speak now for themselves

and in memory of all those doomed to
an early deletion through no fault of their own

the front porch light of 
THIS journal
has been lit today

May it serve as a guiding light to lost journals everywhere

And may it be an inextinguishable beacon of hope
to each and every journal suffering in silence 
from even the worst forms of
forcibly inflicted graphics and
congenitally bad HTML


Keep Hope Alive!
Please Keep The Front Porch Light
Of YOUR Journal
Burning Bright Today

"Because every online journal deserves to be written, posted, 
discovered, acknowledged, read, and loved...
no matter how short or ugly its entries...
no matter how long and clumsy
its title, index, links list, or guiding motto"


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(©Now by Dan Birtcher, Amateur Humanitarian)


(Having suddenly stumbled in upon the additional tragedy presented by wanton
journal self-abuse, the author has decided to light this page's garden lights as well.)