"I Want!" Day, Aprilcot 19, 41 A.B.

Tuna-flavored lip balm
One World fingerment
Cash-n-carry mind calm
After-lecture ear mint

Escalator atlas
Rainbow-colored fries
Mentholated bed rest
The cosmos in disguise

Up and coming has-beens
Wilted pants and keys
Corrugated trance sins
In vitro shopping sprees

Telepathic printshop
Regurgitated luck
Charismatic pig slop
Straws you pump - not suck

Frost-free aspirations
Indoor/outdoor health
Olympic masturbations
Empires on my shelf

Transcendental eggplant
Quarks the size of fleas
Guidance from a wise ant
Emeralds from a sneeze

Numbers granted nicknames
Instamatic truths
Nobel-winning lick games
Compassion-covered sleuths

Words with candied meanings
Thoughts tattooed upon the air
Flashing my odd leanings
Pet them if you dare

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