Some Day, Aprilcot 26, 41 A.B.


Sometimes the oak sapling doesn't make it through the winter, but that's ok because two others did.

Sometimes when you forget to get the mail, someone else will remember to get it for you.

Sometimes the cat meows for no reason.  It's allowed.

Sometimes birds will come to your feeder even when you're just a few feet away.

Sometimes the day's headlines only distract from the day's biggest news.

Sometimes your permanent record just doesn't matter.

Sometimes neither the tortoise nor the hare wins the race because it's such a nice day, they both decide to drop out and have a picnic.

Sometimes what goes up had no business being down for so long in the first place.

Sometimes a wrong number is still the right person.

Sometimes when you just relax and fall back into the waiting moment, the moment will catch you - no questions asked.

Sometimes it's ok to sleep in until bedtime, just for the sake of your dreams.

Sometimes a short entry says more than a longer entry ever could.





(The tortoise and the hare appear courtesy Aesop.  All rights reserved.)