Just Friday, Aprilcot 28, 41 A.B.

    Sunday was Easter.  Wednesday was Secretaries Day.  One day was the anniversary of Chernobyl.  Other days were the anniversaries of Columbine and Oklahoma City.
    Or were they all the same day?

    Yesterday - yesterday I know was "Take Your Child To Work Day" because the cashier at the grocery we went to last night had her very young daughter running our goods over the scanner.
     "Be CAREFUL - that's glass!" the cashier screamed.  "Come on - HURRY UP!" she added once her daughter started scanning things more carefully.  "Jesus I'm glad they only allow this once a year!"
    And to think I had to wait until my mother came home from work to enjoy such quality time with her....

    Today is Orthodox Good Friday (according to my calendar).
    May 6 is Nurses Day (according to the sign at last night's Hallmark store).  That's two days after the National Day of Prayer and eight days before Mother's Day.
    Or 14 days after Earth Day and 23 days before Memorial Day.

    Can't a day just be today?  Can't we take a single 24 hour period as it comes and celebrate its uniqueness in the privacy of our own mind?  Must every day be tagged?  Scheduled?  Pre-recorded?  Tied to all the other days that the earth just happens to have been more or less in the same place in its orbit around the sun?
    Our ancestors boldly crossed oceans to enter lands they couldn't imagine.  Can't we at least wake up to a day that hasn't been butchered alive, pre-packaged, and served up to us loaded with artificial flavorings and colors by the Powers That Be?

    I'm tired of reading about cutting edge research when what I'm really in the mood for is some healing edge development.

    I'm tired of being jazzed up when I really want to be waltzed.

    I'm tired of tying strings around my fingers just to remind me to cut off the strings....

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(As a public service, the inadequately supervised staff of "Almost Another Jester's Journal" has decided to surreptitiously offer readers the following FREE brainwash lest they leave today's entry with a bad taste in their head.  Take as much as you want as often as you need.  Spit here.)

Fun Fact of the Day:  Over 90% of all scientists who have ever lived have been human.

Toponym:  The name of a place.

Homonymictoponym:  The name of a place that looks and sounds like the name of another place but is actually someplace else entirely.

Second Fun Fact of the Day:  Still waters run network TV.

Genonym:  The name given to us by our genes.

Biochaotics:  Scientific name for the children of other people.

Last Fun Fact of the Day:  There are 86 active volcanoes in Japan.  None erupt in Japanese.