Tuesday, December 14, 1999

Hypnotized By Christmas Magic

"Simple things amuse simple people."

My English teacher, Mr. Cremean, virtually 
every single day of my junior year of high school

"The wise man is astonished by anything."
Andre Gide, French author and critic


     I'm not sure which set of words applies to my situation tonight, and frankly I'm too enchanted to care.  Seems Santa stopped by this afternoon and presented me with a little present he knew I needed NOW.  
     How in the world did the old guy know??
     Anyway, "Thanks, Santa!  You ever need a place to sleep off an eggnog bender, you just give me a call!"

     No,  he didn't bring me the Tom Lehrer tape I've been demanding for years.  He's still risking my pushing The Button That Stops Time if he doesn't come through on the 25th - make no mistake about that -  but...  well....  It might take me a couple of attempts to follow through since his gift has thoroughly eaten all the time I'd intended to spend getting my finger in shape for any eventuality.
     What then WAS this magnificent gift??
     Nothing less than THIS:

Magic... Sheer Magic!

     Isn't it just the grandest thing?!  You plug it in, you turn it on, and... and... AND it positively BUBBLES your cares away!!!!
     It glows, too - always a nice feature to have in a night light - but it's the golden bubbles which have effervesced my soul.  
     An unending stream of bubbles!
     Where in the world do they all come from?
     Where in the world do they all go?!
     It really doesn't matter.  I really don't need to know.  If I'm still bothered by these questions come January, I'll commence a house-to-house search at that time.  For now it's enough to just watch them rise in a fast and steady stream from the bottom of their little glass tube home all the up, up, up to the tippy-tippy-top.
     I honestly don't think I've been so giddily excited since I saw my first barber's pole!
     Which makes me wonder: What are those magic bubbles doing right NOW?!
     I simply MUST find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     (If there's no new entry by Monday, somebody please slip me some crackers under my front door - k?  Thanks!)

A Quaint Pre-Bubbled View Of Life


I Have Seen The Future And 
It Is Cute And Perky

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