Saturday, Nov. 3, 42 A.B.

Compare & Contrast

Jester recently started reading this journal again.  He's done an excellent job of keeping this fact from me in recent weeks, but last night he slipped up.

"Why the hell don't you ever post anything FUN anymore?!"

I suppose I could have argued with his basic premise, but experience has taught me that he's just going to win in the end, anyway, so I might as well save both of us a lot of time and energy by surrendering to his point of view immediately and doing whatever I can to try to appease it.

Thus, this entry - a calculated attempt to be FUN rather than annoying, disappointing, disagreeable, or otherwise unFUN.

Ready?  Here goes!

Below are two photographs:

The first one was taken in front of the house I lived in before August.

The second one was taken in front of the house I live in now.

How many differences can YOU identify?

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(©Now by DJ Birtcher lest Spielberg be tempted to make
a movie out of this entry without giving credit where credit is due)

Helpful Hint!


To enjoy even more FUN, play this game again by exchanging the last question for one or more of the following:

-----  "How many differences can YOU identify given 34 years?"

-----  "How many differences can YOU identify without peeking?"

-----  "How many differences can YOU identify using DNA testing?"

-----  "How many differences can YOU indemnify?"

-----  "How many differences does it take to change a light bulb?"

-----  "How can I keep that damn cat from asking questions which inspire entries which are even lamer than the usual ones?!"