Dear Friends Of Tripod....

Have you had trouble accessing "Almost Another Jester's Journal" recently?  Chances are good that you have.  Why?  Because we permitted armed U.S. Web SEALs to board it last weekend and force it off-line after we received a tip that it was being used to smuggle Iraqi blather into cyberspace in flagrant violation of UN sanctions.

That's the bad news.  The good news is that although this journal was found to be positively overflowing with foreign-sounding gibberish, test results now prove that not a word of it came from the Middle East.  Bottom line: This site has now been allowed to resume its silly little course through our seven servers, the SEALs have been returned to their small but tiny cages, and our staffers are busily programming our computers to write an appropriately apologetic form letter to send out to everyone for whom such soulless corporate expressions of regret still retain the power to appease. 

So: Feel free to visit, read, and possibly even somehow enjoy "Almost Another Jester's Journal" until our next screw-up.  We'll be in the next room inventing an even more annoying successor to pop-up ads if you need us.


                                                                                   THE MANAGEMENT

Oh, one other thing:  The posting of new entries to this site may be delayed while its owner and captain recovers from the trauma of having armed U.S. Web SEALs burst into his paragraphs with weapons drawn.  The Golden Retriever we're paying to administer Giant Tongue Therapy tells us it shouldn't be too awful long now, especially since the owner and captain's head, torso, and legs actually arrived thoroughly pre-slobbered, but one never knows with an animal more interested in chewing an old bone than submitting to the rigors of a lie detector test.  Those desperately impatient for their next blather fix might do well to undergo a bit of Tongue Therapy of their own.  We hear home kits are now available for a nominal fee.


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