The End of Nature.  EuroDisney.  David Souter.  Channel One.  "You Don't Know Jack!"  The Simpsons.  Ethnic cleansing.  Roseanne's singing the national anthem.  29¢ postage stamps.  Pogs.  Stencil haircuts.  Final Exit.  Rage Against The Machine.  The End of History. Disappearing frogs.  Dick Tracy.  Kimba Woods.  Sleepless in Seattle.  Cell phones and brain tumors.  Ed Woods.  Juicers.  Malcolm X hats.  Upload.  Northern Exposure.  Cryptosporidium.  Cinema Paradiso.  Hanson.  Laser tag.  Ren and Stimpy.  "The number you have dialed is busy.  If you'd like to be notified when the line is available...."  As Nasty As They Wanna Be.  Biosphere 2.  Macaulay Culkin.  Antiques Roadshow.  Select-a-size Bounty.  Admiral Stockdale.  Downsizing.  Beauty and the Beast.  Crop circles.  Irradiated food.  Tomb Raider.  Bridget Jones.  "Faster, better, cheaper."  Magic Johnson's HIV.  GoodFellas.  Genealogy.  Jenny Jones.  The Larry Sanders Show. Boyz II Men.  Lycos.  Genetically-altered food.  Flight Simulator.  Paintball.  Remote car starters.  The Crying Game.  Phone sex.  Ken Burns.  Mars Attacks!  Zoe Baird.  Laser pointers.  Garth Brooks.  Striptease.  Designer vinegars.  Steel-frame houses.  Ecstasy.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Baseball strike.  "Paper or plastic?"  The Kids in the Hall.  Algerian terrorism.  Side door airbags.  Miss Saigon.  Julia Roberts.  Mosh pit.  Brill's Content. Raves.  Backlash.  Debit cards.  There's Something About Mary.  Town hall meetings.  Super-Size.  Holocaust museum.  Arianna Huffington.  Bandwidth.  Azerbajan.  Cleaned-up Times Square.  Absolutely Fabulous.  Freeze-frame 3-D video.  As Nasty As They Wanna Be.  Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Lani Guinier.  "Way!"  Swing revival.  Network logos in screen corners.  Diss.  "Thinking outside the box."  Promise Keepers.  Upgrade.  McLean burger.  Rugrats.  Jet skis.  Date rape drugs.  10-10-321.  Survivalists.  Paradigm shift.  Home Improvement.  Mayor Barry.  Jeff Foxworthy.  Self-serve grocery check-out lanes.  Hummer.  Scott Turow.  Morphing.  Anne Geddes' baby photos.  Ben Stein's Money.  Backstreet Boys.  James Carville.  Ready to use bag lettuce.  Picabo Street.  Zero tolerance. "Show me the money!"