Lostday, Jesterary 7, 40 A.B.

    Ok, I shouldn't have tempted Fate.  But I did.  Now I'm paying the price.
    Having been unable to think of more than one or two hallmarks of the '90s when I started writing yesterday's entry, I pumped my little head until I was blue in the face and I had enough material to fill a screen.
    I thought that would be it.
    I assumed I could wake up today and go on living my life.
    Seems my little head kept leaking long-forgotten facts all night long.
    Seems it's continued to spew forth another batch every hour or so like some sort of demented Old Faithful powered by the subterranean streams of Hell.
    Forgive me for using this page to mop up the excess '90s pus that now covers my life but I've already used up all the dish rags, bath towels, and tampons I could get my hands on.
    If you can think of anything to add to the following list, please please PLEASE dispose of it yourself!

    Hootie and the Blowfish.  Pulp Fiction.  Gene therapy.  The Three Tenors.  PlayStation.  Mapplethorpe.  NC-17.  Iron John.  General Norman Schwarzkoph.  Norplant. SCUD missiles.  Jeffrey Dahmer.  New World Order.  Haiti.  Elvis stamp.  Northern Exposure.  Sarajevo.  Generation X.  Amy Fisher.  NAFTA.  Thelma and Louise.  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  Welfare reform.  Ralph Reed.  "Grow the economy."  Piss Christ.  Vince Foster.  Slacker.   Nicotine patch.  Pocahontas.    Partial-birth abortions.  JFK.  The Chunnel.  Deep Space Nine.  Gennifer Flowers.  Captain Scott O'Grady.  Hillary.  Jurassic Park.    Heaven's Gate.  Frasier.  HMOs.  Matt Drudge.  Smashing Pumpkins.  "Boxers or briefs?"  Dr. Katz.  Carbon monoxide detectors. Phil Hartman.  Rent.  Paula Barbieri.  "Got Milk?"  Lincoln bedroom.  URL.  The Wonderbra.  Janet Reno.  The Beatles Anthology.  My So-Called Life.  Tupac.  Schindler's List.  Fruitopia.  Charter schools.  Paula Jones.  Java.  The Citadel.  Beavis and Butthead.  Scanners.  Heidi Fleiss.  Olestra.  Homepage.  Dennis Rodman.  Photos made up of innumerable smaller photos.  Richard Jewell.  HotBot.  Feng shui.  Portishead.  Versace.  Currency redesign. ISP.  Echinacea.  Vladimir Zhirinovsky.  Scan disk.  Heroin chic.  WebTV.  American Psycho.  Rosie O'Donnell.  Biography.  Dot com.  Breadmakers.  George.  Celine Dion.  Gillette triple-blade razors.  MSNBC.  Osama bin Laden.  Singing bird clocks.  Tony Blair.  Dress down Fridays.  ICQ.  TV ads for prescription drugs.  Toe rings.  Natural Born Killers.   Martha Stewart.  World Wide Web.  Human genome project.  Aromatherapy.  Dick Morris. Flame wars.  Chumbawamba.  Paulie Shore. Trainspotting.  Asteroid fears.  Deep Blue.  Ken Starr.  Celebrity Deathmatch.  Hurricane Mitch.  WebCam.  Bill Mahr.  Zip drives.  Jim Carrey.  The Lion King.  Voice recognition software.   Kato Kaelin.  Clerks.  New food labels.  LOL.  Gingko biloba.  Melissa virus.  Riverdance.  "I feel your pain."  24/7.  Mike Tyson and The Ear.  On-board navigation.  Designer nails.  Cybersex.  Million Man March.  Gigabytes.  New M&Ms.  East Timor.  MP3.  Trenchcoat Mafia.  Advantix film.  Linda Tripp. Blair Witch Project.  UPN.  Tongue studs.  Jesse Ventura.  Designer contacts.  Shagadelic.  Marv Albert.  Pakistani A-bomb.  Whatever. 
    I need to go to bed.
    If there's no entry tomorrow, have 'em dredge the '80s 'cause I'll probably have fallen through....

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