Junival 10, 41 A.B.


     Dear Jester - 

     You really are the best cat EVER.  You're cute.  You're sweet.  You're smart.  A true delight for the eyes and a real breeze to care for.  I don't know how I ever managed to get along without your speedbump impersonations or all those remarkable contortionistic butt-lickings.  And I'm certainly not worthy of your divine presence now.  
     Thank you for putting up with me and my inept can-opening skills, anyway.  Thank you for deigning to make each and every day of my life much, MUCH better than it ever possibly could be without you or your breathtaking dander in my house.
     I love you!

     There.  I think that says it all - both for you and the whole wide world.

     NOW will you please tell me where you hid the remote like you promised you would if I posted this??



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(©Now by Dan "Why Don't You Hide The Cable And Make Me Go Back To Using 
Rabbit Ears Again, Too, You Beast!!"  Birtcher)