Perforated Wednesday
Marchipelago 29.02, 41 A.B.

The modern hypodermic needle was invented in 1853 by a French
surgeon named Charles-Gabriel Pravaz.

Scientists are now working on less painful alternatives.

Among the most promising: An array of microneedles smaller than
a postage stamp which would be applied like a skin patch.

Because the microneedles only penetrate the outermost layer of
our skin, virtually no pain would be felt at all.

Added bonus: medicines would be delivered slowly over time
rather than all at once in one massive dose.

Unanticipated spinoff:  The idea for these microentries.

That is to say, this series of small, barely noticeable pricks to your
mind in place of the usual one big painful jab.


Just don't try to operate heavy machinery while under their

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