acting thursday
marchipelago 30.02, 41 a.b.

My computer repair techie showed up today 50 minutes late for
his 2pm appointment but, in every other way, way ahead of

Own car, own house, own business, own girlfriend with 3-year-old
son - and he was all of 22.

Why did it not surprise me when he said he'd gotten up at 5 this
morning to go buy tickets for a county fair concert that won't be
performed until August?

It didn't take him long at all to replace my bad boy power supply
and its rebellious cooling fan.

Unfortunately, my tower's whines and vibrations continued.  Turns
out I also need a new CPU fan.

Why am I not surprised?  Is this really just Surpriseless Thursday
and nobody told me or what?

The new fan should be in my hands next week.  And I should be
able to install it myself, saving my techie a return trip.  True, that'll
mean I won't hear about the latest antics of the grandkids I'm sure
he'll have by then, but hey - life is hell.

You KNEW that.

Especially if you have a 3-year-old Cybermax computer, too....

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