We're So Sorry...

The page you were looking for seems to have
deleted itself before we could apprehend it
and get it to a site where it might have received
all the hits it needed and deserved.

No horses were harmed in the making of this funeral procession

Services for the imperfectly erased
remains of this page were held at 3:06 this afternoon.
Six professional mourners were in attendance,
along with two undercover gravediggers
and a "Have You Seen Fluffy?" flyer
believed to be a distant relative of the deceased.

The page's creator, DJ Birtcher, summed up the
feelings of many when he sent a telegram saying,
"Whatt teh fcuk?"
and then went on to deliver
the following brief eulogy by fax:

I've almost never had an entry just get up and run away before.
And I've never had one which preferred to delete itself
altogether rather than be seen in the company of my journal.
I hope it's somehow managed to post itself to a place
where it's happy now - that's all I can say.
Oh, and I hope I don't end up getting a complex
as a result of all this.

Instead of flowers, we suggest
making a donation to the Troubled Web Page shelter
nearest you.

"Because the troubled web page
you save may be your own®"

(This memorial page created and maintained by
American Webmasters United To Help Insane Crap On The Net, Inc.)

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