Tuesday, August 27, 43 A.B.

Ten Things I Know Now That I Didn't Know Ten Days Ago

1)  Pliny the Elder believed that the ostrich was the result of a giraffe mating with a gnat.

2)  Three young people deliberately harm themselves every hour in the U.K.

3)  One ragweed plant can produce a billion grains of pollen - and the wind can take one of those grains 400 miles.

4)  The odds of a cow giving birth to triplets is 1 in 7500.

5)  67% of Americans want to wage war on Iraq - and 67% of American widows claim to have had contact with the dead. 

6)  The Voyager 1 spacecraft is now 85 times farther away from us than the sun is.

7)  In 1885, only 1 Spaniard in 32 could read and write.  (Just 500,000 out of a grand total of 16 million.)

8)  Danes don't call Danish rolls "Danish rolls" - they refer to them as "Viennese bread".

9)  Chairman Mao never brushed his teeth.  He merely rinsed his mouth out with tea. Occasionally. 

10)  People with red hair seldom marry people with red hair.

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(©Now by DJ Birtcher - which even he thinks is a pretty nervy thing to do,
considering he didn't make any of this stuff up)


FIRST NOTE:  Pliny the Elder also believed that eels were sexless little creatures that reproduce by rubbing themselves against rocks.  I have no idea why he might have believed this, but I've been avoiding rubbing rocks myself -  just in case.

FINAL NOTE:  Tempted to re-read this entry?  Do you think that will actually make you feel better??  HA!  Don't be silly!  Go here and buy yourself a new hat instead.  THEN come back and re-read this entry.  Everything always seems better with a new hat on your head.  Try it and see!