Ms. May 25, 41 A.B.

(((Fifth Day Of Medical Transcriptionist Week!)))

"I have opinions of my own - strong opinions -
but I don't always agree with them."

- George W. Bush
(still at large)

Routine Maintenance

     I've spent much of today as I spend every 25th day of the month when it occurs precisely one week after the full moon: Suiting up and going for a little cyberspace walk around the outside of my journal.
     Just to make sure everything's A-OK.
     Just to convince myself once and for all that that really wasn't another lost cyberspace alien that splattered across the windshield the other day.
     The good news is that none of the words which encrust these entries like the silly little brain barnacles that they are have broken loose and damaged anything important (like those pop-up ads - my last remaining link to earthly reality).
     The bad news is that my journal seems to be falling an average 1.5 IQ points a week due to increased presidential campaign activity.
     Or maybe increased TV viewing.  The hypothesis here is that the more I have my TV on, the more broadcast signals it captures, the more it weighs me down.
     As the ancient Greek philosopher, Zeno, once put it so memorably, "The lightest TV is the one with the darkest screen."
     Maybe that's why jaundice seems to be setting into this section of my entry?
     Oh, well.  Too stupid to worry about that now....

Jester Cat Update

     Jester has been worrying me. 
     He didn't pee between 2 a.m. this morning and 3 p.m. this afternoon.
     Thus, instead of returning to tackling important issues of state as I should be doing now that my cyberspace walk has ended, I am sitting here worrying about the unusual bladder habits of my feline.
     Does Clinton ever have this problem with regard to Socks?
     If we give cats to Gore and Bush, might they be distracted from doing anything stupid after one or the other takes office a mere 8 months from now?
     Damn - that reminds me:  It's now too late for me to have a baby that will be born while Clinton's still president!

     Ok, Dan - get a grip.  You can still simply split in two and reproduce that way if you put your back into it.  You can still learn to have something bud and drop off a limb if you overcome your irrational fear of night school.  
     Must... try... to... read... book... in... dark... closet... SOON... in... order... to... acclimate... self... to... the... idea... of... post-sunset... education....
     Idea safe.  Very safe.  Bring mind closer... closer... closer... to idea.  Pet idea.  Nice idea, nice.
     Idea is my friend.
     Try not to think about person(s) who dropped idea on scrapheap of history without a single life-sustaining neuron every idea needs.
     Bad, person(s) - bad!

     Good boy!
     Get your leash and let's go watch "Oprah"!

Garden Hint

     You should wait a minimum of 6 weeks after your daffodils bloom before you attempt to enjoy their beauty if you want them to come back next year.

Back To A Time
That Will Never Come Again
Despite The Added Radishes


You CAN Go Home Again
If You Don't Mind People Picketing
Your Parole Board


Forward Again
To A Government Approved Landfill
For Perfectly Good Eyesight
Now Hopelessly Contaminated
By This Entry


(İNow by Dan'l James, Licensed Little Dickens)