Ms. May 28, 41 A.B.

(((Eighth Day Of Medical Transcriptionist Week!)))


     This is going to be a short entry.  Sorry.  I want it to be longer, but... I'm simply too naked to write much.
     Maybe some people can sit at their PCs and come up with marvelous prose while utterly as bare as the day they last bathed - I wish them well - but  I cannot do it myself.  I never have been able to do it, I doubt that I ever will be able to, and I'm sure I can't right now.
    It's a wonder I've managed to write this much, given that someone might come to my door at any moment, given that someone might call.  Oh, how I dread the thought of someone telephoning when I'm utterly clothesless!  How I absolutely DREAD hearing their embarrassed little "Hi!" when I answer without so much as a single sock to cover my naked self!!  Whatever can such people be thinking to call at such a time as this?!
     Then there are the chills.  The drafts.  The slicing open of my chest as I attempt to slip a pen into a shirt pocket that simply isn't there.  
     I don't understand how I got this nude and hatless.  I have no recollection of signing any papers or even a waiver authorizing my being stripped and left to fend for myself in a scarf-free office.  And I certainly do NOT know who talked me into trying to write and post an entry while in this pitifully helpless, not-so-much-as-a-
thin-panty-liner state.  If it was YOU, come, let me slap thee - no, WAIT!  I'M NAKED HERE!!!  GEESH - WHAT A VOYEURISTIC LITTLE PERVERT YOU ARE TO GRAB YOUR SHOES AND RUSH OVER LIKE THAT!!!!!
     That's it - I'm out of here before one of us or our peculiar appendages gets hurt.
     I'll try to do better tomorrow.
     I promise to write and post a real entry if I can.
     I'm afraid it all depends on whether or not I can remember how to dress myself come the morn.
     I'm afraid it all depends on whether or not they come out with a cure for bareness in a handy pill form.  Or - better yet - a time-released capsule that will keep me nude-free for some 12 hours at a stretch.
     That is to say, I'm raw - I'm peeled - I'm in the buff right this very moment - GET IT?  
     What would YOU do under the circumstances??
     Enough said!
     (Ummm, just curious.... You did read all that, right?  You're not one of those people with a terrible prejudice against men lacking pants, are you?  It's not my fault - honest!  I was born this way!  But I always feel better about that after I've had me a few belts....)

     (Geesh, this is so bad, I'm starting to think I'm bald, too.  Please avert your browser - NOW!!!!!)    




(Somehow İNow by Dan Birtcher despite his being stark raving bare-assed)

(I.e., in puris naturalibus for all you med students out there)

(Proving once again that even shockingly naked men can be 
helpful, considerate, and polite - at least to med students)

(Don't ever let them tell you different!)

(But if they simply must say something,  please ask 'em to tell Jester 
I loved him in the event I die of nakedness in my sleep....)

(Like my grandfather, who died of sudden pajama failure)

(While on the waiting list for a night shirt donor)

. . . . . . . . . .